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WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion: The Most Streamed Song of 2020

Cardi B's WAP: A Controversial Hit That Empowers Women

Cardi B's WAP is one of the most successful and controversial songs of 2020. It features guest vocals from Megan Thee Stallion and a sample of Frank Ski's Whores in This House. The song is a celebration of female sexuality and a challenge to the double standards that women face in the music industry and society. In this article, we will explore the meaning and message of WAP, its cultural impact and reception, and how to write SEO-optimized content for this topic.

What is WAP and why is it so popular?

WAP is an acronym for Wet-Ass Pussy, which is the main theme of the song. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion rap about how they want to be pleased by men, using explicit and graphic language that describes their sexual preferences and practices. The song is driven by a heavy bass, drum beats, and a catchy hook that repeats the phrase "There's some whores in this house".

cardi b wap


The song was released on August 7, 2020, as the lead single from Cardi B's upcoming second studio album. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first female rap collaboration to do so. It also broke the record for the biggest 24-hour debut for an all-female collaboration on YouTube, with over 26 million views. As of March 2022, the song has over 495 million views on YouTube and has been certified 7 Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

WAP is considered to be a cultural phenomenon and a sex-positive anthem that empowers women to express their sexuality without shame or fear. It has also sparked a lot of debate and criticism from various sources, ranging from social conservative pundits and politicians to other musicians, who have accused the song of being vulgar, degrading, immoral, or harmful to women.

How to write SEO-optimized content for WAP

If you want to write content for SEO that covers the topic of WAP, you need to follow some basic steps that will help you rank well on Google and other search engines. Here are some tips and guidelines for SEO content writing:

Keyword research and targeting

The first step is to find out what keywords your target audience is searching for when they look for information about WAP. You can use tools like Google Suggest, Ubersuggest, or Ahrefs to generate keyword ideas and see how many people search for them every month. You can also look at the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target keywords and see what kind of content is ranking well.

You want to choose keywords that are relevant, have high search volume, low competition, and match the search intent of your users. Search intent is the goal or purpose behind a search query. For example, if someone searches for "WAP lyrics", they probably want to see the lyrics of the song. If they search for "WAP meaning", they probably want to know what the song is about.

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Once you have a list of keywords, you need to decide which ones you want to target in your content. You should have one main keyword that represents the main topic of your article, and several secondary keywords that support or complement your main keyword. For example, if your main keyword is "WAP meaning", your secondary keywords could be "WAP lyrics", "WAP controversy", "WAP feminism", etc.

Content structure and formatting

The next step is to create a clear and logical structure for your content. You need to organize your content into sections that cover different aspects of your topic. Each section should have a heading that summarizes its main point. You should use HTML tags to mark up your headings according to their hierarchy. For example, use for your title, for your subheadings, for your sub-subheadings, and so on. You should also use for your paragraphs, or for your lists, for your tables, and other HTML elements as needed.

Formatting your content properly will help you create a scannable and readable article that will attract and retain your readers' attention. It will also help you optimize your content for SEO, as search engines use HTML tags to understand the structure and meaning of your content. For example, using for your title will tell Google that this is the most important part of your article, and using for your subheadings will tell Google that these are the main sections of your article.

Content quality and value

The final step is to write high-quality and valuable content that answers your readers' questions and provides them with useful information. You need to write in a conversational style as written by a human, using an informal tone, personal pronouns, simple language, engaging sentences, active voice, brief paragraphs, rhetorical questions, and analogies and metaphors. You also need to write in your own words rather than copying and pasting from other sources, and avoid plagiarism, grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and factual inaccuracies.

Writing quality and valuable content will help you establish your credibility and authority as a content writer, and build trust and loyalty with your readers. It will also help you optimize your content for SEO, as search engines use various factors to measure the quality and value of your content. For example, using original and relevant content will tell Google that you are providing unique and helpful information to your users, and using keywords naturally and strategically will tell Google that you are matching the search intent of your users.

Conclusion and FAQs

In conclusion, WAP is a controversial hit that empowers women to express their sexuality without shame or fear. It is a cultural phenomenon that has sparked a lot of debate and criticism from various sources. If you want to write SEO-optimized content for WAP, you need to do keyword research and targeting, content structure and formatting, and content quality and value. By following these steps, you can create engaging and informative articles that will rank well on Google and other search engines.


  • What does WAP stand for?

  • WAP stands for Wet-Ass Pussy, which is the main theme of the song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

  • Who are the featured guests in the WAP music video?

  • The WAP music video features cameo appearances from Kylie Jenner, Normani, Rosalía, Mulatto, Rubi Rose, and Sukihana.

  • What are some of the awards and nominations that WAP has received?

  • WAP has received several awards and nominations, including four Grammy nominations for Record of the Year, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, and Best Music Video.

  • What are some of the controversies that WAP has caused?

  • WAP has caused controversies for its explicit lyrics, sexual imagery, use of animals in the music video, inclusion of Kylie Jenner in the music video, and criticism from social conservative pundits and politicians.

  • What are some of the benefits of writing SEO-optimized content for WAP?

  • Writing SEO-optimized content for WAP can help you attract more traffic to your website or blog, increase your visibility on search engines, generate more leads and conversions, establish your authority and credibility as a content writer, and provide value to your readers.


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